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We help communities build the proper fiscal foundation to superior management.

Establishing a strong financial base for a residential community is a vital component for success. Our team works diligently to meet the fiscal needs of our diverse clientele. From generating reports and statements to handling the expenditures associated with a capital improvement project, we're equipped to address the financial obligations of your community. 

Our team is helmed by talented financial pros with years of industry experience. Rest assured knowing your community's finances are in the best of hands. Our three-pronged approach generates real results for our customers. 

We Deliver Timely Service

When it comes to your property's finances and operating budget, time is often of the essence. Working with the talented Dartmouth team, you'll have immediate access to the management professionals working on your behalf. Need in-person support for a budgetary meeting or have questions about your current financial situation? We're available to take your call. We work quickly to keep you profitable, all without sacrificing the quality of our work. 

Our Focus is On Accuracy

Double, triple and quadruple checking the numbers is simply part of the job for our accounting team. Your community simply cannot afford a misstep when it comes to your financial health. Not only do we review our own work for accuracy, but we also keep close tabs on your vendors and service providers. For example, we closely monitor your community's utility usage to ensure your monthly bill amounts are correct. It's the attention to the little things that makes a big overall impact.

Affordability is Important

As financial advisors, we understand the importance of solid accounting. Not only should the numbers be trustworthy, but it's important to make decisions with the overall health of your community in mind. From conducting feasibility studies on proposed projects to benchmarking your community's operating budget against similar residences, we're able to keep you on the right track and protect the longterm health of your home.

What others have said

Dave Bauer

Since 2010, The Dartmouth Group has consistently provided us with strong property management, meticulous financial accounting, and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Dave Bauer, Division President, Toll Brothers Inc.


Our dedicated property manager from the Dartmouth Group works hard to balance what is appropriate for the association with the varied needs of individual owners. We respect their honesty and straightforward approach.

Marc H., Board Member

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What others have said

Testimonial pic

TDG’s staff is personal, professional and proficient, and daily exhibit that their motto “True Service” is not just an expression, but rather the mantra with which they operate.

Carolyn D., Board Member


Our manager has been a pleasure to work with—she listens to everyone's concerns, she is proactive and is truly concerned about the property, the unit owners and our vendors!

Michael E., Board Member

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