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Getting things done has never been easier. 

Residential community managers encounter a myriad of unique challenges on a daily basis. The Dartmouth Group works diligently on behalf of our clients, resolving problems and streamlining operations to drive value. We want to help communities embrace their full potential by establishing the best practices across a number of different areas. 

Our accredited team has successfully partnered with countless communities across New England, leveraging the right team members and powerful technology to deliver impressive results for our customers. Whereas many property managers in Cape Cod adopt a one-size-fits-all strategy for handling the needs of their clients, we remain focused on delivering the "True Service" for which we're known. Our talented representatives work to understand the specific needs and goals of each community we represent, and we place an emphasis on fostering healthy relationships through clear communication. 

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Financial Monitoring & Accounting

Monitoring financial expenditures extends far beyond an obligatory monthly overview of your community's balance sheets. Instead, we take a proactive approach to maintaining healthy returns. We carefully analyze utility usage, pinpoint potential areas of weakness, and make suggestions to boost longterm profitability. 

Project Management

From ambitious renovation works to smaller upgrades, special projects can prove stressful for residential communities. Fortunately, we offer project management solutions to keep your community's operations on track. Our managers ensure projects are completed on time and budget, all without disrupting life for residents. 

Community Assist

Every community deals with specific challenges, which is why we offer an à la carte Community Assist solution. Ideal for properties with 10 to 100 units, our Community Assist specialists craft a management strategy in close collaboration with your existing team. This alternative to full property management in Cape Cod is an affordable option when you need a helping hand.

What others have said

Dave Bauer

Since 2010, The Dartmouth Group has consistently provided us with strong property management, meticulous financial accounting, and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Dave Bauer, Division President, Toll Brothers Inc.


Our dedicated property manager from the Dartmouth Group works hard to balance what is appropriate for the association with the varied needs of individual owners. We respect their honesty and straightforward approach.

Marc H., Board Member

THE dartmouth difference

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30 Years of Experience

Since our founding 30 years ago, The Dartmouth Group has built a reputation for helping communities to be their very best. Our talented team utilizes the resources and training made available to them to maximize value for our clients. We adhere to the best practices of the community associations industry and deliver undeniable results for our customers.


A Unique Management Structure

We focus on proactivity and rely on a network of carefully screened vendors who can effectively deliver the standard of service we're known for across the industry. Furthermore, we limit a typical portfolio to no more than six properties per supervising manager, which ensures we're the most responsive partner you'll find for your community.


Credentials that count

The Dartmouth Group is the only company in New England to have achieved both the Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC®) designation and the Accredited Management Organization (AMO®) distinction. Rest assured knowing your community is being handled by an industry leader in community management.

What others have said

Testimonial pic

TDG’s staff is personal, professional and proficient, and daily exhibit that their motto “True Service” is not just an expression, but rather the mantra with which they operate.

Carolyn D., Board Member


Our manager has been a pleasure to work with—she listens to everyone's concerns, she is proactive and is truly concerned about the property, the unit owners and our vendors!

Michael E., Board Member

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