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4 Tips for a Healthier Home This Winter

Our homes are where we spend most of our time. It’s where we should feel the most safe and secure. When we think of safety, most homeowners think about things like proper locks on the door, working smoke detectors, and home security systems. What they may not consider are the silent problems in our homes that…

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Partner Post: How to Grow Thriving Orchids

Orchids are for everyone. These showy plants have fabulous blooms that last for months on end. With many varieties, spectacular colors and exotic shapes, they’re the perfect choice to add beauty and style to any home. The best part is that orchids are surprisingly easy to grow. There are so many benefits to having houseplants, so why not…

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Partner Post: 3 Ways to Landscape for Better Privacy

Privacy is something everyone appreciates, especially in your own backyard. It isn’t just about what you don’t want your neighbor to see, but sometimes what you don’t want to observe in your neighbor’s backyard as well. So what do you do when your new neighbor cuts down the stand of trees next door that you have…

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Your Guide to Maintaining Outdoor Structures

A lot of homeowners don’t think about their outdoor structures too often. I’m talking about your sheds, decks, fences, or pools. But the fact is, these structures are part of your home and need the same maintenance and care that you need to give to your house. Ignoring your regular maintenance can end up costing you…

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Snowbird? Try These 6 Tips for Prepping Your Home for the Off-season

Beginning in December, about a million seasonal residents – or snowbirds – flock from northern cities to Florida to avoid the winter chill. And around April, during our hot, humid summers, they return to their permanent homes. It’s a cycle that community managers in the Sunshine State know all too well, especially if they manage high-rises, villa…

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5 HOA Terms Every Board Member Needs to Know

Whether you just got elected to the community association board or you’ve served for years, you want to make a good impression. Knowing these common HOA terms will help you sound like you know what you’re doing while you get up to speed or serve as the refresher you need to keep growing as a…

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